Healings & Cleansing

Healings/ Cleansing

Lejla does weekly all-inclusive 7 Chakra healings and cleansing with her special  crystals. She does General and Specific Chakra Healings. General is a scan and detection and basic cleaning/ healing of your chakras. If she detect a special chakra has bad energy, blockades or damage she does Specific Chakra Healings (Crown, Third eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral or Root chakra). All sessions are done by remote viewing.


Just crystal Cleaning/Healing is not enough to stay clean Spiritually. After complete Chakra cleaning we recommend you to order a Protection Ritual. Ritual is done by Lejla and involves of making your personal, unique craved candle and ceremony on special days with Moon phases. This Ritual Candle is made especially for you with your name and birthday. Protection last approximately 6 months.

Order on +381 63 593 330.