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Who is Lejla Kristal?

Crystal Extra Sense

Lejla is a lady who is born with a special talent. When she was a child, her great-grandmother, a local prophetess, taught her about the ancient wisdom of divination.

As little, Lejla has started to learn ancient readings techniques, casting spells and magic formulas. Today her specialities are crystals and Tarot cards.

For her 18. birthday she received as a gift a special “Quartz ball”. From that moment began to receive strong vision of unknown people, events and objects.

In her small town, where she lived, she got immediately famous for being a “psychic girl with crystals”. Today is best known for being the Crystal Scrying Mistress. She possess the ability of looking into a crystal ball, with big precision and accuracy.

She is fluent in English, Slovene, Serbian and Croatian.


How can Lejla help you?

Any dilemmas you have, Lejla will help you find the right path

Lejla interprets her visions from scrying into crystal ball. All she needs from you is your name, birthday and clear question what would you like to ask the Ball.

The ball gives her usually a visual message – a picture, frame, a motion, which is symbolic. Lejla during the reading describes what she sees and interprets the massage.

The message is an advice from Unconscious World above. It is a right direction for solving your problems and dilemmas.

People who asks her questions, she can detect energies around them. She can sense if you are a victim of Spells or Black Magic, help you to remove and unbreak it and reveal who is the caster of negative energies sent upon you.

She can help you if you want your ex back, if your relationship/marriage is facing troubled times, if break up/divorce is final or if you have infidelity, love triangles and abuse problems. In addition, she can answer to who and when you will marry and who is your soulmate and destiny partner.

On the money and career field: she can help you to unblock financial blockades, how to find a new job, when is the good time to open new business. On special occasions she can give you your lucky numbers, and help you to get financial stability in your life.

Crystal ball readings are very good for predicting of past, present and future situations. If you want to know about your past lives or talk to your decreased loved ones or animal spirits, ball is the best tool for that.

If you have issues with legal proceeding, court trails or you want to sell a real estate fast, get a fair inheritance, Lejla will direct you what you need to do to get that in you favor

What are the techniques she uses?

A skillfull Mistresses

Lejla Kristal is an absolute expert on Crystal ball readings, Tarot readings, Coffee/Tea readings, Palm readings, Beans and Crystal stones castings and Water gazing.
For detecting evil forces she uses pendulums and other tools. For removing spells she uses special rituals and banishing techniques, crystal healings of 7 chakras, cleansing methods like Reiki and Amulets for protection.

For attracting love, money, health energies into our lives she uses special folk Talismans. They are very powerful.

How to book session with Lejla?

Fast and easy booking

The best way to book a session with Lejla is to make a call/message on +381 63 593 330. You can also send email on lejlakristal@gmail.com. You will be contacted as soon as possible.

Booked sessions are usually done by Skype, Viber or Phone. They usually are 10-20 minutes long, and all payments need to be finished before start.

You can send your payments via:

Payoneer lejlakristal@gmail.com

Paypal lejlakristal@gmail.com or  paypal.me/LejlaKris